Website Development

Web design includes developing a website from concept to online deployment. Layout, graphics, navigation, social media, and website maintenance are examples of topics covered during the development process. E-commerce integration can also be incorporated as part of your website. We can provide everything from simple fixes to your CSS or HTML code to building your website from the ground up. If we create your website from the ground up, you will own all rights to the domain name, website code, and website graphics. Additionally, we can develop a website which you can update on your own without needing our support in the future.

Below is an overview of the process we use for app development.

Defining the goals of your website is the key to the entire project. Working together we develop a clear idea of what type of website you want us to develop for you. A project management document stating the deliverables, timeline for completion and cost is agreed upon.

Based on a project management document we begin by creating simple drawings for user interface design purposes. Next, we create a prototype which meets the specific requirements for deliverables. Finally, we test the website before putting it online.

Domain name registration is completed. Hosting service is purchased. Website is put online. Training and documentation of how to update content on the website is provided.

Although tested during development, the website users sometimes encounter problems or needs that only surface when the website is online. We develop a strategy for getting user feedback and provide additional support after the website is deployed.