App Development

App development includes developing mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad from concept to deployment. User interface design, screen layout, graphic icons, and social media integration are examples of topics covered during the development process. Apps can be developed for distribution in the Apple Store or for internal enterprise use.

Below is brief explanation of the process we use to create Apple iOS apps.

Knowing what exactly the app needs to be successful sounds simple, but is often more difficult when specific requirements related to the apps functionality are necessary. Working together we develop a clear idea of what type of app you want us to develop for you.

In some cases the type of app you need developed already exists in the App Store or has already been developed by us. If this is the case, you may decide at this point the development of a new app is not necessary. If there are not any apps available in the App Store that meet your needs, we will move on to the development step.

Based on a project management document listing all deliverables with a timeline, we begin by creating simple drawings for user interface design purposes. Next, we create a prototype which meets the specific requirements for deliverables. Finally, we test the app on all types of iOS devices to insure the app functions properly for future users.

Apps can be deployed on the Apple App Store or other possible methods. Depending on the project management document we will assist you in navigating the Apple Apps Store submission process or develop documentation of how the app can be deployed to users without using the Apple App Store.

Although tested during development, the app’s users sometime encounter problems or needs that only surface when the app is deployed in real world situations. We develop a strategy for getting user feedback and provide additional support after the app is deployed.