Siri: Define Contact Relationships – iOS 8

Siri Command: Define Contact Relationships – iOS 8 Siri can define relations to you based on people in Contacts. Open Siri >> Say “[contact name] is my [relationship]” >> Tap Yes For example “Jane Smith is my boss” Open Siri >> Say “My [relationship] is [contact name]” >> Tap Yes For example “My boss is Jane Smith” Notes: -Relationships examples include wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother (mom), father (dad), manager, lawyer, accountant, partner, assistant, spouse, friend, father-in law, and others. -Your Contacts card must be set properly. Open Settings >> Tap General >> Tap Siri >> Tap My Info >> Tap your Name -To delete a relationship Open Contacts >> Tap your Name >> Tap Edit >> Scroll to bottom (above add related name) >> Tap the Red Circle next to the appropriate relationship >> Tap Delete >> Tap Done