Tips – iOS 7

Below is a list of iOS 7 tips related to taking better photos, saving battery life, typing faster and many other techniques. 


Split KeyboardSplitting the keyboard enables typing with two thumbs easier on an iPad. Not available on the iPhone or iPod touch.
Move Between Camera and Camera Roll (Photos) QuicklySave time by moving between the Camera and Camera Roll (Photos) quickly.
Emoji KeyboardThe Emoji keyboard gives users the ability to add images and emoticons to text in word processing, e-mail, or text messages.
Keyboard ShortcutsCreate shortcuts that save time when typing your most commonly used words or phrases.
Shake To UndoMany apps have a built in feature that allows for undoing the most recent action by shaking the device.
Camera Focus ExposureSetting the camera focus and appropriate exposure for your photo's subject can result in better photos.
Camera GridUsing camera grid lines makes composing photos using the Rule of Thirds easier.
Degrees Symbol
Typing a degrees symbol is easy, if you know how.
Period End Sentence
Adding a period at the end of sentence can be done quickly.
Screen Shot
Take a photo of what is on your device’s screen.
Close Each App
Closing each open app can be done quickly.
Apps with Ads
Apps (often free ones) with ads drain your battery and use your cellular minutes because each ad is downloaded from the web.
Camera Volume UpSometimes it is easier and produces a better composed picture to use the volume up button, instead of the on-screen shutter icon to take a photo or start a video recording.
Do Not Disturb
Save battery life by turning on Do Not Disturb setting while your iOS device is locked to silence calls, alerts, and notifications (half moon icon will appear in the status bar).
Airplane Mode On
Save battery life by turning on Airplane Mode which turns off Cellular (voice and data), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Location services at the same time.
Push Notifications OffTo save battery life, turn off push notifications (messages, sound alerts, and badges) from specific apps.
Heat Avoid ExtremeTo save battery life, avoid using or leaving your device in a location (car, storage area, beach) which produces extreme heat.
Equalizer Off
To save battery life, turn off the equalizer. Turning of the Equalizer will effect the quality of the music.
Manually Lock Screen
To save battery life, do not wait for Auto-Lock to start, manually lock your screen immediately.
Auto Lock Lower To save battery life, set a shorter lock time which results in less time when the screen is activate when it is not needed.
Location Services Off
To save battery life, turn Location Service off unless you need it for your camera or other apps.
Data Push OffTo save battery life, turn off automatically pushing data (Email, Contacts, Calendars) from outside sources like iCloud, Exchange, and Google.
Bluetooth Off
To save battery life, turn off Bluetooth if you are not using it to connect to an external device like a keyboard.
Cellular Service Off
To safe battery life, turn off cellular connections when using only a Wi-Fi connection because the device looks for a cellular connections even if you do not need one.
Wi-Fi Off
To safe battery life, turn off Wi-Fi when you are using only a 3G or 4G connection because the device looks for a Wi-Fi connection even if you do not need one.
Drain Battery Completely
When having battery life trouble or on a monthly basis completely draining and recharging the battery may improve battery life.
Auto-Brightness On
Auto-Brightness automatically adjusts the screen brightness for the current lighting conditions.
Dim Screen
Save battery life by setting the brightness to the lowest acceptable level.
Battery Indicator On
If not already on, turn on percentage indicator to monitor the battery.
Safari Close All Tabs
Closing all open Safari tabs can make browsing easier.